While our primary mission is to enhance your health and well being, we actively support out Hill Tribe communities struggling to attain a sustainable income.   Thai Freeze Dry works directly with farmers and co-ops to teach and promote sustainable organic natural agriculture including ethical wild harvesting and wild crafting practices.

Our Commitment to Organic Materials

International marketing realities now make it clear that the public increasingly demands organically grown, non-GMO, non –synthetic nano particle food and supplements.  We simply need to get back to nature.   In our CFL premium Freeze Dry process we remove almost all the water.  In this process one hundred kilos of fresh product with 80% moisture level results in 20 kilos of dry power. Everything good is concentrated 5x (as a percentage of total weight) which means that everything bad would also be concentrated 5x.  For this reason it is critically important to source only organically grown raw materials.  Some may be organically certified, some may be wild crafted, and some may be wild harvested, but all must be organically grown.  We visit and work to together with all our farmers.  We know them all.

As Raw As It Gets

Our Hill Tribe farmers ethically wild harvest and wild craft our botanicals in their indigenous primal growing conditions. They use traditional farming techniques without synthetic chemical pesticides or fertilizers.

Farm Fresh

All of our herbs and botanicals are harvested only at full maturity and immediately delivered upon harvest to be processed by Cellular Fraction-Line  Freeze Drying Technology in our nearby factory to preserve their vital constituents. Located in the foothills of Chiang Mai, Thailand we are close enough to most of our suppliers to allow harvest in the morning and delivery into our process the same afternoon.  Most of our farmers are only hours away from our factory.


PhytoTonic Medicinal Mushrooms Mushrooms are a powerful ancient life form

Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

Promotes insulin synthesis to help control blood sugar levels
Lowers LDL ) bad cholesterol
Stimulates cytokine production known to kill malignant tumor cells
Decreases BBN known to cause bladder cancer