Introduction to Herbal Blends

Thai Freeze Dry has created a range of herbal formulations that address some of the  most pressing health concerns today.  The synergy between the various herbs used in these formulations is impressive.  These formulations, as all our other products, are Thai FDA approved.


We have found that in many cases it is easier to market products based on their function than to sell herbs that many people may not recognize or understand.


Please read on for details.

HB01 Energy Explosion

HB01 provides a real increase in usable energy. Restore, optimize & rejuvenate your energy producing systems. This herbal blend consisting of 5 herbs provides tangible

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HB03 Brain Teaser

HB03 : As our population ages, cognitive function has increasingly become a major health concern. In our competitive world of education and business our mental

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HB04 Dr. Detox

Hb04 contains 4 herbs that cleans the blood and the entire elimination system (colon, liver, kidneys, bladder and lymphatic system. Most other medical systems recognize

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HB08 Relax To The Max

HB08 contains 6 herbs that counter the negative effects of anxiety, stress and tension. Modern science supports the legendary status of these herbs in helping

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