Cellular Fraction-Line Technology 


  • Increased bio-activity from the preservation of cellular integrity
  • Increased bio-availability natural micronization – smaller particle size
  • Porous particle structure increased surface area per unit of weight (see photo below)
  • Consistent drying at lower temperatures
  • Sublimation and micronization accomplished in a one-step process – faster production time
  • Finished powder with exceptionally low moisture levels better preserved

Science recognizes the freeze dry process as the most effective method of preservation of bio-active substances including herbs and botanicals. Freeze drying became well known near the end of WWII when it was used to transport blood plasma to soldiers on the front lines. When snake venom is collected to make anti-venom it is freeze-dried.  Most scientific laboratories have small desktop freeze dry machines to preserve samples.  The goal is to preserve the sample with the least possible disturbance to its chemical composition. The product is dried while it remains frozen. Sublimation removes water and only water.  None of the natural chemical compounds that comprise the color, taste, and health benefits are removed.


The biggest challenge of conventional freeze drying functional superfoods and nutraceuticals is the high cost of machinery, operational costs, huge energy usage and small quantities produced.  These factors combine to make conventional freeze drying slow and expensive.

The machine is complicated and took years to develop, but the concepts are simple and easy to understand.

In conventional freeze drying the product is laid out on trays and the trays are placed on racks inside the product chamber.  The exposed surface area (the drying surface) is limited, and only a small quantity of raw material can be processed.

In our process, the product is not sitting motionless on trays but is flying around inside the product chamber in a vortex.  This dramatically increases the exposed surface area which, in turn, increases the rate of heat exchange allowing larger quantities to be dried faster.

While our process increases quantity and efficiency (expressed in lower costs) we also increase the quality.  In the case of conventional freeze-drying the dried product must be mechanically ground into a fine powder.  This grinding process can develop heat (due to friction) and hemorrhages the cell structure to produce solid particles with flat surfaces and sharp corners. With Cellular Fraction-Line Technology, the motion of the deeply frozen particles along with the sublimation of the ice structure that holds the particles together results in a fine powder without mechanical grinding. The resulting porous particle structure is more bio-active (better preserved natural ingredients) and more bio-available (more easily absorbed and metabolized).

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