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Our herbs grow in the foothills surrounding Chiang Mai and are processed immediately upon delivery while still farm- fresh. Our proprietary CFL process allows us to preserve these herbs in their fresh form, maintaining the medicinal qualities of the live herbs in a highly bioactive, stable, bio-available, and concentrated herbal powder.

Our Mission - revive your relationship with nature’s whole foods

Thai Freeze Dry is a company made up of brilliant minds and honest work ethics to create a cycle of success in our search for the greatest quality. It is our mission to provide a product that gives people the absolute best without having to cut corners. We promote healthy agriculture and strong connection with the local farmers of Chiang Mai.


Thai Freeze Dry wants our customers to experience and benefit from the vast bounty of herbs and botanicals that grow here and the 5000 years of traditional wisdom that has brought herbal wellness to the prominence it enjoys today. We strive, in every possible way, to produce ingredients that embody this ancient wisdom while working, at the same time, to dispel the notion that herbal ingredients from Asia are of unknown quality or effectiveness. We stand behind our quality, purity, and safety as we evolve toward the perfect balance of tradition, nature and science.


While we strive to support our customers, we support the indigenous farmers in Thailand. We provide opportunity and assistance for our traditional organic farmers to obtain organic certifications. Many of the foods and herbs here are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides for economic reasons (chemicals are expensive) and additives are considered unnecessary and contrary to traditional farming practices.

Thai Freeze Dry

Our company and Managing Director have received numerous awards from the Royal Family of Thailand.


(Presented to TFD by the Broadcasters Association of Thailand (under the patronage of His Majesty the King) which recognizes industry leaders. )

Cellular Fraction-Line Technology

The enzymes and microbes that naturally degrade these herbs require water to function.   CFL dries our herbs with no exposure to heat at any time during the processing. The result is a stronger herbal powder (more highly bioactive) that is more easily absorbed and used by your body (more bioavailable).

CFL takes freeze-drying to a new level.


(Mechanically Ground)

CFL Black

(Cellular Fraction Line Technology)

In our process, the product is not sitting motionless on trays but is flying around inside the product chamber in a vortex. This dramatically increases the exposed surface area which, in turn, increases the rate of heat exchange allowing larger quantities to be dried faster and more thoroughly.


Farm and Forest Fresh herbs as well as strict raw material specifications set the scene for a more effective and experiential herb, but truely, it is CFL that distinguishes TFD herbs from all others on the market.


Farm Fresh Delivery

Live plants immediately delivered and processed fresh from the farm or forest is the first step that distinguishes our quality from others in the market. We enjoy the rare opportunity to get freshly harvested raw materials into our proprietary premium freeze dry process (Cellular Fraction-Line Technology CFL (final)) within hours after harvest.

Nature has designed these plants begin to degrade as soon as they’re removed from their life cycle (harvested). Getting them into the process immediately upon harvest, while they are still highly bio-active (alive) sustains the health benefits of the plants as they grow in nature.

The logistics required are challenging and this is rarely, if ever, achieved under typical industry operating conditions.

Live plants immediately delivered and processed fresh from the farm or forest is the first step that distinguishes our quality from others in the market.

Traditional Medicinal Herbs and Super Foods

Asia’s traditional medicinal herbs and superfoods, organically grown in our pristine environment are processed immediately after harvest.

Powerful natural flavors and aromas with effective health benefits sustained by Cellular Fraction-Line Technology.

We promote traditional farming practices and provide our Hill Tribe farmers with a sustainable income.

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