Farm freshness to your door

Our herbs grow in the foothills surrounding Chiang Mai and are processed immediately upon delivery while still farm- fresh. Our proprietary CFL process allows us to preserve these herbs in their fresh form, maintaining the medicinal qualities of the live herbs in a highly bioactive, stable, bio-available, and concentrated herbal powder.

Cellular Fraction-Line Technology

The enzymes and microbes that naturally degrade these herbs require water to function.   CFL dries our herbs with no exposure to heat at any time during the processing. The result is a stronger herbal powder (more highly bioactive) that is more easily absorbed and used by your body (more bioavailable).

CFL takes freeze-drying to a new level.


(Mechanically Ground)

CFL Black

(Cellular Fraction Line Technology)

In our process, the product is not sitting motionless on trays but is flying around inside the product chamber in a vortex. This dramatically increases the exposed surface area which, in turn, increases the rate of heat exchange allowing larger quantities to be dried faster and more thoroughly.


Farm and Forest Fresh herbs as well as strict raw material specifications set the scene for a more effective and experiential herb, but truely, it is CFL that distinguishes TFD herbs from all others on the market.

Thai Yai Harvesting Moringa1920-min

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