Raw Material Specifications

Raw Material Specifications

Thai Freeze Dry processes those parts of the plants with the highest therapeutic values. Our moringajiaogulan and other herbal materials are not processed with stems which are mostly pulp. We will use only the leaves with the small capillary veins that hold the leaves together.


Yes, you can purchase 100% moringa that is 15% leaves and 85 % stems by weight. Leaves together with the stems can be thrown into an oven, cooked and then mechanically ground to powder. Yes, this is “100% moringa” but the health value is far from optimized. The stems do not contain high therapeutic value consisting primarily of pulp.

This same concern is reflected in all Thai Freeze Dry products.

Our mangosteen powder consists only of the pericarp (mangosteen skin and rind). The delicious white fruit is mostly sugar and is of low therapeutic value. The value resides in the deep purple flavonoid pigments in and just under the skin. These pigments contain anthocyanin antioxidants which are near the surface of the fruit to protect the fruit from disease. When you ingest the mangosteen rind what it does for your body is a remarkable reflection of how the live plant functions in nature.


TFD’s sprouted black rice is soft-milled to keep the rice germ intact (needed to sprout) and keep the rice kernel in tact since it is in the purple pigments contained in the kernel that the health values abide. Our black rice is sprouted with the rice kernel in tact to neutralize the nutrient and enzyme inhibitors that allow the rice to remain dormant (great for storage but not so good for the body) and make the rice easier to digest and absorb.

Each and every product we process follows strict raw material specifications and proper preparation for processing to insure that your herbal powders are harvested at peak maturity and deliver the highest possible levels of healthy ingredients.

Thai Yai Harvesting Moringa1920-min

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