What Makes A Great Product?

Better value

Thai Freeze Dry products provide a better value – a better solution to your specific needs and problems, and a better path to improve your life.
Let’s first agree on two basic assumptions:

  1. Our greatest asset is our health.
  2. We want the best value we can find when we spend our hard-earned money.

If we look at the FACTS rather than the marketing “hype”  We provide the best value on the planet.

There are two areas where we need to focus:

1. Raw material specifications:

Fresh products grown in the hills that surround Chiang Mai are delivered fresh into our process in a matter of hours.  We accept only the parts of the plants that contain the highest levels of bioactive ingredients.  In the case of many of our herbs this is the leaves.  The stems are mostly pulp with almost no healthy phytochemicals. You can find 100% jiaogulan powder that is 15% leaves and 85% pulp from stems by weight.  Yes, it is 100% jiaogulan.  No, it is not of great value to your body.  Are you getting a good value for your money – absolutely not.

 2. Process:

The highest quality raw materials are useful only if we preserve the beneficial phytochemical compounds and sustain the cellular and molecular structure of the plant as nature has designed it.  Any process that uses heat and/or harsh chemicals will damage the enzymes, vitamins, essential oils and other vital ingredients. Our proprietary Cellular Fraction-Line Technology CFL (final)is the key to our quality.


Removing the water (and nothing but water) we arrive at a concentrated product per unit of weight.  Only a very small quantity is needed for the desired effect.

Smart money is on accumulated prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   The cost in money and more importantly in terms of human suffering for you and your family is not worth saving a relatively small sum of money by buying a less effective product.

Negative Side Effects:

Many products do, in fact, accomplish their stated goals, but at great expense to your health in terms of negative side effects.  Investing in products that solve one problem only to create another problem(s) perhaps even more serious is wasting your money and damaging your health at the same time. Turn that box over and read the long list of negative side effects and then realize that our Cellular Fraction-Line activated herbs sustain natural balance that encompasses a remedy for every malfunction without negative side effects.

 Faced with problems, the most common response is to make the problems more comfortable.

Rather than managing the symptoms of human-induced toxins, stress and interference we need to focus on developing our natural self-healing abilities and solve the root causes of our problems.  Spending your money to simply make your problems more comfortable is a huge waste of money that tends to eventually make your problems even worse.

Affordable top quality

If a one month supply of a Thai super herb cost about as much as going out with a friend for pizza, is that really too expensive?   Is adding an herbal boost to a smoothie, fruit juice, yogurt, salad, stir fry etc. that transforms a tasty treat into a healthy tasty treat not worth it?

While it is true that the cheapest product may not present the best value it is not correct to assume that the most expensive product provides the highest value.   In fact, nature’s remedies are often more reasonable than medications that can be patented and sold for obscene profits.

Shiitake (Lentinula edodes)

T-Cells and natural killer cells boost immunity
Stimulates production of antibodies that counteract hepatitis
Traditionally used to treat colds and flu
Highly nutritious


HB21-PPMAC is a synergistic herbal blend containing papaya leaves, plu