HB05 Immunity With Impunity

HB05 activates and boosts the body’s immune system. This combination of 4 herbs helps to attack and destroys viruses, bacteria, tumors and other invading cells that damage our health. This is a natural and healthy alternative that avoids the negative side effects of synthetic drug overuse.
HB05, Immunity With Impunity, supports the body’s immune system to fight against disease.

This herbal blend was created to support the body’s immune system and ability to attack and destroy invader cells including, viruses, bacteria and tumors. It is an immune system booster that provides a healthy alternative to the negative effects of synthetic drug overuse. Rather than lose your natural immunity, choose to boost your immunity using nature’s support.

This Blend Contains: Sprouted Black Rice, Noni, Amalaki, Plu Kow

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PhytoTonic Medicinal Mushrooms Mushrooms are a powerful ancient life form

Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

Promotes insulin synthesis to help control blood sugar levels
Lowers LDL ) bad cholesterol
Stimulates cytokine production known to kill malignant tumor cells
Decreases BBN known to cause bladder cancer