HB06 Skinny Minnie Meal Replacement

HB06 is an excellent formulation for safe and healthy weight management. A rare antioxidant, C3G,changes the gene expression of fat metabolism from storage (fat) to usage (energy) and with regular use will improve your fat to muscle ratio. Leptin, the hormone that makes us feel hungry is reduced to release us from the cycle of cravings and binging. Adequate nutrition also helps prevent overeating.

HB06, Skinny Minnie Meal Replacement, Excellent for healthy weight management.

This herbal blend is safe, effective and efficient to use in your weight management program.

This blend helps via-

  • Provide natural satiation to reduce hunger
  • Supply nutrition (your brain will keep telling you that you’re hungry if you are not getting proper nutrition)
  • Maximize the body’s energy systems, such as oxygen utilization, cardiac function, etc

This Blend Contains: Sprouted Black Rice, Jiaogulan, Moringa, Matcha Green Tea, Spirulina

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PhytoTonic Medicinal Mushrooms Mushrooms are a powerful ancient life form

Maitake (Grifola frondosa)

Promotes insulin synthesis to help control blood sugar levels
Lowers LDL ) bad cholesterol
Stimulates cytokine production known to kill malignant tumor cells
Decreases BBN known to cause bladder cancer