Month: March 2016

Plu Kow ( Houttuynia cordata thunb )

● Polysaccharides activate and boost your immune system
● Strong antiviral protection via NK cells, T Cells, B Cells
● Used extensively in Asia for upper respiratory diseases – plu kow was included in the Chinese cure for SARS
Plu Kow taken together with metformin may dramatically increase the antidiabetic properties of metformin

Sprouted Black Rice Powder: ( Oraza sativa )

C3G a rare antioxidant abundant in black rice changes the gene expression of fat metabolism from storage to usage
● Decreases leptin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry
● Highest levels of GABA of any rice variety – a neurotransmitter that calms the brain and central nervous system
● Reduces overall inflammation
This superfood has too many benefits to list here. Please click for much more detailed information and check out the video from the Fox Health Channel referring indirectly to Thai Freeze Dry.

Mangosteen, ( Garcinia mangostana )

● The flavonoids of dark chocolate, catechins of green tea, Vitamin C, carotene, proanthocyanidins and polysaccharides of aloe vera are among the nutrients contained in mangosteen.
● We process only the deep purple pericarp (rind) which contains super strength antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds


Spirulina is a microscopic, blue-green algae has been around for over 3.6 billion years. Spirulina turned sunlight into energy and filled the Earth’s atmosphere with the oxygen needed in order for higher life forms to start evolving. Humans have been eating Spirulina since prehistory, and today, this tiny aquatic plant is widely regarded as the world’s …

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